K.R. Films Hollywood

K.R. Films Hollywood was founded by award winning actor, writer, producer, director Kavi Raz in 1978. The company started out by producing commercials, industrials and documentaries. Since those humble beginnings, the production company has come a long way. Today, it is well entrenched in feature film production both in North America (Hollywood) and India (Bollywood).

First feature produced under the K. R. Films Hollywood banner was a Hindi film called Do Kinare. The film was released worldwide in 1983. A 13 part television drama series in English and Hindi called "Lehren" was produced in Los Angeles and successfully shown on independent stations throughout USA and Canada in 1985.

K.R. Films Hollywood operates under the aegis of Kavi Raz Studios, a full-fledged production studio located in Los Angeles.

Currently, the studio is in the process of a worldwide release of The Gold Bracelet, and post-production of another feature film titled, Rising Shores.

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