Kavi Raz

First actor from South Asia/Middle East to appear as a regular on a Hollywood television series “St. Elsewhere.” The award winning TV series aired on NBC and many other countries around the world in the early to mid-eighties.

Kavi Raz’s directorial debut film The Gold Bracelet has garnered much praise and attention in Hollywood as well as other parts of the world. The film has won many awards at prestigious international film festivals.

A lead appearance in “Big River,” official selection for Pusan International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival, and the directorial debut of a major motion picture marks a new direction in the career of Kavi Raz. For Kavi, The Gold Bracelet, which he wrote, produced and in which he plays the lead role of Arjun is his first major feature film as a director. And as such, is very close to his heart. Kavi is very passionate about his work, whether it is writing, producing, directing or acting. He takes nothing for granted but treats the process as a constant learning experience.

"Whatever I do, writing, producing, directing or acting, I delve deeper into my soul to find something new, different and challenging," admits Kavi.

"If I do anything with the attitude that I know it all, I feel I'm doomed to absolute failure. I always approach work with the expectation of a surprise by my own abilities. What excites me is how far can I reach? I don't consider myself an artiste, just an explorer, who knows so little but has the desire to learn so much more. I want to swim in the vast ocean of artistic expression. Regardless, if I will ever achieve the stature of a true artiste, is not the means to the end. But the journey itself would be fulfilling enough if I can continue to do what I love the most, make movies. The magic of movies is so seductive. It is an addiction like no other. And, I am hooked on something I can never give up," admits Kavi.

From his early struggles to the present, Kavi has made a long and difficult journey. "I have treaded the treacherous path of an actor in Hollywood for so many years," says Kavi Raz, a Hollywood veteran of over 250 appearances in major television shows and films, filled with many ups and downs. "That journey has been an emotional roller coaster," admits the veteran.

Kavi arrived in Hollywood in the mid-seventies in pursuit of a career as an actor, unheard venture at a time when roles for South Asian actors in Hollywood Television shows and Films were limited. "People, especially friends and relatives scoffed at the idea of my becoming an actor. They thought it was a passing fancy and would soon be over. But no, I had a dream and take what it may, I journeyed on to make my dream a reality," Kavi reminisces.

Kavi's perseverance paved the path and opened doors for many others to follow when he became the first ever South Asian/Middle Eastern actor to be signed on as a regular in a major Television series. That series was St. Elsewhere, an award winning show that appeared on NBC in the early-eighties. Kavi was an instant hit with the viewers, standing out among other cast members for his looks and talent. That landmark appearance lead to other shows such as The A Team, Hardcastle and McCormick, Hunter, Mash and many more. Kavi starred in feature films such as Night Train to Katmandu, Warning Signs, Terror Squad, Storm in the Afternoon, among others.

For his performance as Dr. Ajay Bose in Storm in the Afternoon, the LA TIMES singled out Kavi Raz as "a powerhouse of an actor."

Recent appearances have been on the hit TV series “Ugly Betty,” “House MD” as well as several independent features.


“THE GLOBAL VISION AWARD 2007” presented to Kavi Raz, Wild Rivers Film Festival, 2007.
“EXCELLENCE in ARTS AWARD” presented to Kavi Raz for “The Gold Bracelet” by Napa Sonoma Punjabi Society, 2007.
Winner “BEST FEATURE FILM”, Mendocino Film Festival, 2006.
Winner of the Audience Choice Award as the “BEST FEATURE FILM” at Cinequest film festival, 2006.
Winner of the Audience choice award as the “BEST FEATURE FILM” at Palm Beach International Film Festival, 2006.
Nominated for “BEST ENSEMBLE ACTING” award at Method Fest Film Festival, 2006.
BEST OF THE FEST- Calgary International Film Festival, 2006
OPENING NIGHT FILM-Jacksonville International Film Festival, 2006
OPENING NIGHT FILM- Connecticut International Film Festival, 2006
Kavi Raz honored with SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL CINEMA AWARD by India-Canada Quest, 2006
Kavi Raz, ACHIEVEMENT in FILM and TELEVISION AWARD, SFV International Film Festival.
Certificate of SPECIAL CONGRESSIONAL RECOGNITION- Bollywood Achievement Award, 2005.
Kavi Raz recipient, AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN ARTS, for The Gold Bracelet, American Punjabi heritage society, 2006.
Kavi Raz, HONORED FOR WRITING, PRODUCING, DIRECTING and ACTING; The Gold Bracelet, by SCORE (Capital Hill based organization), 2006.
Kavi Raz recipient of “SPECIAL RECOGNITION for CONTRIBUTION to WORLD CINEMA” Premier Lorne Calvert-Saskatchewan-Canada, 2006.

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