Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
To be soon released by K. R. Films Hollywood
The Gold Bracelet is a groundbreaking film with the backdrop of an event that changed America and the world forever. Brave, proud, soul stirring, wrenching at its every heartbeat, yet showered with colors of a full, happy life, "The Gold Bracelet" is a moving journey of man who strives to live a simple yet meaningful life...more.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Archana Puran Singh, Mehrrunissa Hassan, Arsh Singh, Ari Barak, Joseph Whipp, Sonny Mandal


Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
To be soon released by K. R. Films Hollywood
Rising Shores is a trail blazing story of youthful hearts yearning to be from what?.....they know not. The time is now. The backdrop is Los Angeles. The cast is today's Indian youth vis-à-vis the older generation. The subject matter is the conflict of youth caught in the cross currents of their desire to be free and their obligations to family and society...more.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Sanjay, Sunjay Anand, Seema Rehmani, Neeru Bajwa, Girija Shankar, Radha Saluja

scenes from rising shores


kavi still image from journey home

Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
kavi still image from journey homeHINDI/ENGLISH
Released 1999 by K. R. Films Hollywood
Journey Home is the story of a successful businessman who is faced with the ultimate dilemma of choosing between his love and devotion for his adopted land or his hidden longing for his motherland that he had left 35 years earlier and vowed to never return again. Circumstances beyond his control compel him to prepare for a life changing journey back home.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Manny Walia, Romie Sabharwal, Amarjeet Kaur


Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
kavi raz in lehrenENGLISH/HINDI
Released in 1989 by K. R. Films Hollywood
13 half-hour episodeskavi raz in lehren
Lehren follows the journey of a man in his search of what he believes to be his true love, a woman who gives birth to his son and then suddenly vanishes leaving him by himself to raise the child. Why….why would she suddenly leave……and Who is she? Our protagonist follows one lead after another but to no avail. However in the process he learns more and more about the woman and about himself.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Ranjan, Parvin Syal, Meena Singh


Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
Released in 1988 by K. R. Films Hollywood
scene from movie achanakA middle-class setting, a middle-class family, but desires and dreams transpire towards bigger aspirations. Ajay, his wife Kiran and Bobby their son live on a quite white picket fence and green lawns neighborhood in typical suburban America. Ajay runs a successful manufacturing business that is steadily growing and Kiran steers a fast growing real estate business, taking full advantage of the rising market. Into their busy lives enters a young sexy Amina, who offers to take care of their son and help around the house in exchange for room and board, an offer Kiran could not refuse, not knowing that things will change from then on….forever.

scene from achanakAjay and the vivacious Amina develop a relationship, a relationship doomed towards tragedy. However Ajay is blinded by Amina’s youthfulness and invigorating jest for life. Something that he feels is sorely missing from his own jaded life. Ajay tries in his feeble attempts to tell Kiran that he wants out of their marriage, but she is always too busy to sit down and listen. And then suddenly one day, Kiran, involved in what appears to be a minor auto accident ends up in a comma. Now Ajay is faced with the dilemma about his new found love and commitment to Kiran and their son. What transpires is dramatic, revealing and touching as Ajay nurses his wife and discovers his true love.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Alka, Amarjeet, Ranjan, Parvin Syal


Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
Released in 1987 by K. R. Films Hollywood
Ek Musafir takes our protagonist on a soul searching journey of a life time as Ranjit leaves the tranquility of his small laid back village in Punjab to seek his fortunes on American soils. His father, much against his own reluctance, sells off a major portion of his small land holding that has kept the family nourished for many generations to send his son abroad. What transpires when he lands in America changes his life for ever and brings him full circle as in the end he prepares to take his now ten year old son to India and ponders the questions of life, dreams and destiny. Ranjit tells his son that “there is an old man waiting for us and we have so much to learn from him.”
Cast: Kavi Raz, Rajesh Pandey, Barbara Heels, Kuldeep Singh

slides from ek musafi


Writer, Producer, Director Kavi Raz
Released 1985 by K. R. Films Hollywood
As the shovel strikes the hard dirt, preparing it for another crop of rich fruit, the farm worker, toiling in the hot California sun, perspires. His face reveals hopes and frustrations. An immigrant transplanted form the” Khets” of Punjab to the fertile fields of Yuba City, he finds transformation difficult. The land is new, the dream is new, the aspirations are new, but the Old World values deter in the old fashion ways….Jealousy and deceit paves the way for tragedy….love gives way to desire, desire spawns lust and lust unleashes the darkest in human behavior. Man devours man….. Naya Savera is a poignant tale of a farming family set in the idyllic locations of Yuba City in California.
Cast: Kavi Raz, Kanchan Hundal, Alka, Sukhbir Kang, Parvin Syal, Omar

stills from naya savera


Writer, Producer, director Kavi Raz
still from do kinareHINDI/ENGLISH
Released 1983 by Excel Home Videostill from do kinare
Opposing world ideologies collide, relationships questioned, faith placed on the podium of debate and lives changed forever. Do Kinare is a powerful drama that follows the lives of several characters whose destinies become intertwined by a common thread…love. And it is love that begs the question…why?
Cast: Kavi Raz, Alka, Veena Sood, Parvin Syal, Sukhbir Kang



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